I Think I'm Turning Japanese
What is up with all the children here knowing how to ride unicycles? I am wondering if this is a new trend, or something that I just noticed recently but has been happening forever?

There is a gang of teeny children who meet outside in the parking lot in front of the building two over from mine. They have their pastel colored unicycles and ride around in circles. But sometimes I see them break free from the circle and go careening down the sidewalk towards the street, which nearly gives me a heart attack every time. I forgot that they are very adept and can turn on a dime with those things.

I fear I will one day be run out of Gakuentoshi by a mob of angry 7 year olds riding pastel unicycles and demanding all my Pocky sticks.

UPDATE: So, it is not a new trend.
9/12/2010 09:16:33 am

I am going to make Wally read this when he gets back from his wilderness adventure with Nate. Keep up the good work, Pal!

9/13/2010 11:57:12 am

Do the kids unicycle downhill? I can't imagine how they stop going downhill...

10/5/2010 03:46:33 pm

How funny! hmm...maybe I should get Amira to learn to ride a uni before a bi w/out training wheels. haha! that's amazing !

10/5/2010 03:49:53 pm

that would be a bi and not tri...haha it's late, u get what i mean. : P


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