I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Just a small town girl...

gazing out at the Pacific from Ocean Beach
I was born and raised in Northern California. Except for a brief stint living in Santa Barbara and an even briefer stint living in Sussex, England, I have been here my whole life. I love to travel, but time and money (or lack thereof) make it hard to do it as often as I would like. One day, I realized that if I didn't get outta California as soon as possible, I might never be able to gather up the courage to do it. So, here I am, documenting my life as I try to figure out how I can move to Japan!
Why did I choose Japan, you ask? Well, you can either read the long version, or just know that I love to travel and Japan has been one of the many countries I have longed to visit not just for the sake of being a tourist, but also to absorb the fascinating culture.

Currently, I am assigned to 3 different schools in Kobe City. My base school, Nagamine, is a junior high school. My second school, which I go to on Thursdays, is Yusei, a school for students with physical handicaps. On Fridays I go to Tsurukabuto, an elementary school. So far it is awesome. Check back often to hear updates and fun anecdotes!