I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Scuba diving in Phuket 5/2/2011

Here's some video of the wreck dive I did at King Cruiser in Phuket, Thailand. It was my first Wreck Dive, and my deepest at 33 meters! Whew!

September 15, 2010

Enjoy some videos I took from Sports Day practice at my base school, Nagamine Chugako. The first video is the boys (about 300 of them) doing their kumi taiso routine to show off their athleticism. The most impressive thing is getting 300 boys to do ANYTHING at the same time, and on top of that they have only had a short time to practice doing this in between actual classes and club sports.

The second video is the girls doing their flag routine to Avril Lavigne. I thought that would make Jessica very happy. :-) She says the f-word in one of the songs, but not only do the students not notice, but since there is no equivalent to that word in Japanese, they wouldn't really understand why it is offensive if they did catch it. Pretty funny!

The third video is one of my favorite bizarre events. Four students run across the field, the top student being the "samurai" and the other 3 being the "horse." Once on the other side, the samurai swings a tether ball at a cone, knocks it off the desk, and runs back. Crazy.

The last video is a hilarious relay race that I just had to catch on camera. The first leg was rolling these big exercise balls, then walking on those cups on ropes (not sure what they're called) kind of like stilts, then hamster rolling a cardboard box (also not sure what that is called), then balancing a ping pong ball on a ladle, then crawling under a cargo net, and, last but not least, riding a tiny tricycle to the finish line.

Japan goes all out, man.