I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Hanami, or the act of viewing the beautiful blooming cherry trees (sakura), is upon us! When Dan and I were in Kyoto a few days ago, we saw a small group of blossoming trees at one of the smaller shrines, which made me very excited that the rest would soon be exploding!

Yesterday, when I arrived at work, I noticed that the trees outside the window had indeed exploded. I took the time to snap some iPhone pictures, which actually turned out pretty beautiful against the bright blue sky. 

I am so excited that my mom will be able to see all the sakura! It's pretty perfect timing!

There really isn't much else to say about them... they're just really pretty!
4/8/2011 04:15:46 pm

Gorgeous! Really "so Japan". Yes, I'm excited to see all of these beauties first hand!!! We have three flowering plum and cherry trees in the backyard and I can't stop staring at them before I leave for work. I am definitely looking forward to viewing the "real" explosion of blossoms!


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