I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Last night was my first Tigers game! The cheers at Japanese baseball games are nuts. They are all choreographed and everyone sings them in perfect unison in time to their noisemaker slapping. What they lack in Kiss Cams and Cap Dances they make up for in fireworks and balloons (see video), and what they lack in garlic fries and Sheboygan dogs they make up for in chu-hi and soba.

The Tigers lost by a lot (10-1 to the Dragons), but the fans keep the spirit alive. Kobayashi sensei told me that currently the Tigers are in first, when they normally finish 3rd or 4th in the season, and the Dragons were in second... I am guessing that changed after last night.

Anyway, see the video below to see what they do for the 7th inning stretch...
In case you couldn't tell, I was VERY excited. Hence the chaotic shaking near the end.
9/9/2010 09:20:08 am

That looks SO cool!

9/9/2010 05:22:21 pm

I think I will enjoy living in Japan!


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