I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Every year the students have Sports Day, a much-anticipated event where the students all do what Americans would think are very strange "sports" in order to show off their athleticism and discipline. Aside from the standard running relays, there are some very amusing games, including "kibasen" where the students pretend they are samurai on horses and "kumi taiso," where the boys form really tall human pyramids (and apparently many students break their arms doing this... haven't seen it yet at my school, though). It was fun to watch and I can't wait to see the real deal this Saturday! In the mean time, check out the "videos" page for some of the things I was able to capture on film!

*so far only one video is uploaded. YOUTUBE IS TAKING FOREVER!
9/16/2010 01:31:25 am

OK, here are my thoughts: The Best Damn THing and Girlfriend were definitely the best. The rest were too slow. ALso, Japan has great taste in music! =) Miss you!


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