I Think I'm Turning Japanese
The first few days back in Kobe were rough. I got back on Monday night and went in for work on Tuesday. The students weren't back from their vacation yet, so I knew for the next few days it would be pretty quiet in the staff room. Little did I know it would be SO quiet! I walked in as 3 or 4 teachers were leaving (not to return till the next day), and until 5:30 that evening it was me, Kyouto sensei, Kocho sensei, and the 1st grade science teacher who was doing science-y stuff with coaxial cables.

I really have no idea how I kept myself entertained. I wrote in my journal, read my Kindle, but for the most part... what the heck did I actually do?

When I finally did go home, I realized that none of my friends were back yet. Most were still on their trips to exotic locales.

So here I sit, waiting. I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for. Waiting for friends to come back? Waiting for kids to return to school? Waiting for the next time I go to America? Maybe a little bit of all of the above. 


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