I Think I'm Turning Japanese
So that last post was a bit of a Debbie Downer. But there are pros and cons to everything, and on the upside, I may still be going to Japan, I may still have more time for summer in California, and I may possibly be able to meet my new nephew or niece in October. The downside is the waiting... Oh, the waiting! I normally have a lot of patience, but when it is waiting for the unknown to happen, that tends to make me a bit more antsy.

Yesterday I officially turned in my reply form to the JET office saying that "Hell yes, I'm still very much interested in going to Japan, thank-you-very-much." I still have to get my FBI criminal background check, but then I'll be through. The steps and the paperwork involved just to "maybe" go to Japan is exhausting!

I received my language CDs and dictionary from Amazon and should be on my way to learning some fundamental Japanese soon.

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