I Think I'm Turning Japanese
A bit of trivia about me: I love HGTV. I love flipping through home décor catalogs and mentally building my future house. I can play Sims for hours straight just so I can build and rebuild and redecorate a Sim house. I used to draw what I thought Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield’s rooms might look like.


So, it is no surprise that places like Ikea make me giddy. I feel like exploding with excitement when I go to Ikea, but I continually impress myself with the amount of composure I exhibit when I am there.


When I realized the Ikea was pretty far from Gakuentoshi, I was a bit bummed, but was still willing to go there so I could buy some decorative things to make my flat feel more like me. Then, I heard about a little slice of nirvana called Nitori. Not only was it cheaper than Ikea, but it was within walking distance. (Not to mention, it is very close to a Yamada Denki.)


I had to practice a lot of restraint in order to not buy out the entire store. I picked up new sheets (good-bye daisy duvet!), new curtains (Blackout! I’ve foiled you, sun!), a lamp (mom and dad would be proud), and new rugs for the bathroom (I do love snowflakes, but it is the middle of summer…). No doubt I will be going back for more lighting (have I mentioned the FLOURESCENT glare that makes everything look slightly zombiefied?) and maybe some more decorative things to hang on the walls.


Studio, sweet studio has been upgraded to “temporary home, sweet temporary home.”
8/26/2010 05:31:37 pm

Your Dad wants to know, what is Yamada Denki?


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