I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Japan has made me completely scatterbrained. I miss trains, I take the wrong trains, I leave my iPhone in cabs, I forget important things at home, and, most recently, I lose wallets.

That's right, I have lost my wallet. With everything in it. Now, this is a big enough deal when you are in your native country and you have many people around you who can help you and you speak the language. But this happened here in Japan, where my language ability is very limited, and as a cash-based society, if you lose all your cash and access to your cash... well, you're screwed. My mom was inquiring about writing a check just so I can buy groceries... well, Japan doesn't use checks. They would think you were crazy pants if you said "Can I write you a piece of paper that promises I have money somewhere? I swear, this piece of paper is just as good as cash." Sounds crazy when you put it that way, no?

The worst part is, I have lost my wallet around the most consumer-driven holiday in the world. I can't buy Christmas presents! I was relying on buying some cool Japanese stuff for everyone back home. Nope. Not gonna happen.

Now begins the long process of replacing all my stuff. And I must now humble myself into borrowing money from others until this is all resolved. Grrrr.

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