I Think I'm Turning Japanese
I just got back from seeing Dan off at the airport. :-( 

He had a lovely second visit to Japan. Some of our highlights:
  • petting/feeding the deer in Nara
  • eating
  • scuba diving with whale sharks
  • sailing
  • eating
  • being the only 2 people laying on the beach in Zamami
  • kayaking to a private island
  • eating
  • visiting Kyoto
  • getting lost on the bus
  • riding in a rickshaw
  • eating

We also ate. A lot.

Anyway, I will likely blog about some of the adventures, namely the whale shark diving (I think that was my most favorite part of the entire time with Dan), but also about the eating. Because we did that. Lots. And it was delicious!

Now I am sitting in my lonely tiny apartment with nothing but the sound of the washing machine whirring to keep me company. Next week my parents will be visiting, though, so it will be a lovely distraction from all this quiet! 
4/6/2011 10:22:58 am



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