I Think I'm Turning Japanese
I am fully aware of how long it's been since I've posted! Am I a terrible person? Well, probably a little, but not because of the lack of blog posts. I've just been busy and overwhelmed. Work isn't exactly that busy, but I have been trying to be social, explore the city, take care of some business on the home front, and keep my apartment and desks (I have 3!) organized. So far I'm not succeeding in the latter part, but since I'm pretty far right-brained, this should't come as a shock to you at all.

Things I promise to go into more detail about:
- sushi party (done... see below)
- rafting and canyoning in Shikoku
- salsa dancing at Faces
- Asahi brewery tour and sake festival (in the rain)
- feeling like a total rock star in elementary school

I'll date each entry in the order that they occured so that you can truly feel like you are there with me.

Things I might go into detail about if I really feel like it:
- early 90's fashion making a comeback in Japan
- don katsu is the devil, or maybe the greatest angel in disguise
- finally turning the AC off
- effin' mosquitos
- Stage 2

10/12/2010 03:32:14 pm

Post pictures of your classes in elementary school - rock star teacher!


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