I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Dear teachers on prep period hanging out in the faculty room,

Why do you guys choose to stand up during your break? You're standing all day! And yet most of you come back to the staff room and just stand next to your desk awkwardly. Sometimes you have your arms folded like you're angry that you have to stand, and if that is the case, may I kindly point out that there is a nice cushy desk chair right next to on which you may sit? Sometimes there are several of you standing at a time, and it makes me think that there is an impromptu meeting going on, so my eyes dart around frantically and wonder if I should stand up too so we can bow at kyouto sensei beore the meeting starts. But, oddly, I usually find that you guys are just all standing staring in different directions. For no apparent reason. Sometimes you guys congregate in the middle of the staff room, and all look in the same direction (like the whiteboard in the front), so I look to see what special announcement you are reading. But, I have come to find out, you guys are just looking in that general direction as you awkwardly engage in conversation that has nothing to do with work. 

I guess I am just dying to know why you don't take advantage of your 50 minutes off to grade papers, rest your feet, nap (as many of your colleagues do), or something less creepy and confusing than standing and staring blankly at nothing. 

If you find the time between your random bouts of standing for no reason, can you please reply with a logical explanation? I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!


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