I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Today, it started snowing about halfway through 3rd period. It was a light, wet snow that didn't stick at all, but now it is two hours later and the snow has transformed into fat, drifty flakes that are fluttering to the ground and stacking themselves into neat little piles on the tennis court. From where I'm sitting at my desk in the staff room, I can see the squat little shrubs outside getting dusted gradually with more and more snow. It is certainly beautiful to look at, but I am dreading the walk home in two and a half hours! Today I managed to forget my gloves, and I consciously decided against wearing tights under my pants. :-( 

On a different note, it is Valentine's Day in Japan! Here, the girls are the ones that buy candy for the boys. There is a different holiday that comes later where the boys buy gifts for the girls, but today it is all up to us to give all the lovin'! I gave my staff little mini chocolates and stuck hologram heart stickers on them. It was the most energy/money I was willing to invest in a holiday that I find pretty hokey. 

Today also marks the day that I received my very first "boing touch." Many Japanese students can apparently get really forward with us ALTs (asking your cup size, asking about your sex life, and inappropriate touching), but I had always been proud that I worked in a school where that didn't happen. Well, today one of my crazy girls came up to me and kept saying "Six? Six?" I laughed at her for her mispronunciation, so she went "BOING!" and touched my boob. I have officially been initiated into the "ALTs who are sexually harrassed by their female students" club.

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day!

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