I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Seriously, giant hill? Or should I say, tiny mountain? I cannot fathom climbing you three times a week. If this shall continue, I will need to buy proper crampons and perhaps hire a sherpa for guidance and a llama to carry my pack.

I can only imagine what kind of torment climbing you will be like in the winter time.

I didn’t think I’d need to bring my asthma inhaler with me to Japan, but, then again, no one ever told me my school was at the top of the Mt. Fuji.

And damn you for making me sweat more than I’ve ever sweat in total in my entire life. Didn’t anyone tell you that it is unladylike to show up to your second day of work with your blouse thoroughly soaked with perspiration?

You have gotten me this week, tiny mountain. But now that I know what feats of strength are needed to scale you, I will slay you in no time.
8/24/2010 11:26:29 am

"or should i say tiny mountain..."haha, this is my favorite entry so far


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