I Think I'm Turning Japanese
It's forecasted to rain all weekend! Not only do I dislike the rain, but it is also taking its toll on the beautifully delicate sakura. The petals are showering down fast and furiously, being swept into gutters and scattered across the wet pavement. Admittedly, the soft pink polka dots are still beautiful to look at, but it makes the trees look less fluffly and springlike and more naked and... tree-ish.

Luckily, my parents flew in on Wednesday and were able to see some of the cherry blossom glory. I will no doubt be posting some pictures of our adventures together. This weekend we head to Hiroshima, which means warmer weather! Yay! I hope some sakura can still be found there so we can enjoy some late-season hanami.

I am glad it's no longer crazy cold in Kobe, and I don't have to bundle up with tights under trousers and down jackets and scarves and earmuffs, but this rain is bringing me down a little. :-( Can't wait for more sunshine! Yes, even if it means I will be sweaty and miserable come summertime.

Stay tuned to see what my parents and I were up to on their visit!
4/22/2011 12:00:18 pm

What can I say about Japan...it's simply beautiful in springtime! We lucked out on our visit - Sakura everywhere - perfect timing. Erica just knew where to send us to view the lovely blossoms in full profusion. The Kobe Zoo was full of these lovely trees, and so was the Herb Garden high atop the Roko Mountain. Hiroshima and Miyajima were no exception, and we got the tail end of Sakura in Kyoto as well. Lovely country filled with friendly people!


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