I Think I'm Turning Japanese
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an oven.

I've always suspected there was something up with my microwave. There were just way too many buttons on it to just be a regular microwave. And why was there a metal turntable inside? Yet, even when I really needed an oven to make stuffing and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, I didn't want to be bothered with investigating whether or not I (and others who had suggested it) could have been right.

Until 2 days ago.

I was having dinner at Amanda's house and she was making macaroni pie. IN HER OVEN. That looked remarkably like my microwave. But wait! Hers is also AN OVEN. It's then that I couldn't deny it anymore. My microwave was capable of remarkable things.

Cupcakes. Quiche. Pie. Chicken. Baked potatoes. The possibilities are endless.

I went to the store the next day and bought 2 boxes of cake mix. And you better believe I quickly figured out how to use the oven feature of my microwave oven to produce 2 mildly flavored and mediocre-tasting Japanese cakes.

Now I know how Columbus felt when he "discovered" America.
Heather Holladay
1/22/2011 04:10:40 am

An oven is one of the luxuries I missed most in Costa Rica. So glad you discovered yours!!


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