I Think I'm Turning Japanese
I was invited to join in on a sushi making party, but I think it should have been actually called a sushi making EXTRAVAGANZA. We gathered at Linda's house-- who, I learned, has some training from culinary school-- and Andy (who you already know is a trained CIA agent...er... chef) was already slicing away at the sashimi when I got in. I was a little nervous about being there because Linda was watching a friend's cat, and cat allergies make me want to die, but luckily the cat hadn't been there too long so its hair wasn't everywhere and it thankfully hid in the closet the entire time we were there. Phew! Anyway, I digress. We had a full spread of tuna, salmon, unagi, mackerel, crab, and crazy assortment of veggies and sushi fixin's. I had an absolute blast stuffing myself silly and making my own hand rolls. I think this by far was the best sushi I've had yet in Japan!

Yes, you heard me correctly. The sushi (other than the above mentioned extravaganza) has left something to be desired. Perhaps that "something" is the lack of crazy sauces and tempura fried rolls. Perhaps it is the lack of sassy names like "the butterface" or "super dynamite." The fish is crazy-fresh and delicious, so yes, it is nice to eat, but the highly Americanized version of sushi is sorely missed. I wonder what true Japanese people think when they walk into an acclaimed American sushi bar, only to find the real sushi options are scant, but the rest of the menu is rife with saucy, spicy, crunchy, colorful craziness.

Anyway, I can't wait to hit up Zushi Puzzle, Blue Ginko, or Wasabi and Ginger in December. Perhaps even all 3? Who's with me?
10/6/2010 12:16:47 am

I'm down for Dec Sushi Fest 2010 if my wallet allows me.


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