I Think I'm Turning Japanese
If you can name where the above quote came from, I will give you ¥100 when I get home. That's more than a whole dollar!

This quote came to mind this morning when I put on my flowy sleeveless top, because I didn't want to sweat through my cardigan before I even arrived at work... again. I got many stares from the capped-sleeved women on the Ladies-only train car, but they could have been staring at the giant REI backpack I have strapped on my back (they favor tote bags and briefcases, even if it screws up your alignment). But it is hot, and I will take off my cardigan while waiting for the train, dammit! And even though the train car is air conditioned, I will keep it off until I walk onto my campus!

Right now the Bay Area is experiencing a heat wave (from the looks of things on my Facebook feed, it seems as though people think the Apocalypse is coming), but I imagine people are happily sitting in their air conditioned buildings and wearing shorts and tank tops as they please. They can probably also wear the giant sunglasses I love so much. (Here you are looked at kind of funny, since everyone carries a parasol.) As for me? I think my wrists are developing carpal tunnel syndrome from all the fanning I have to do. Not sure how well my Japanese detergent will be at getting out all these sweat stains, too.

Grrr, Japan. Grrrr.
8/24/2010 02:00:22 pm

The answer to your question: Because in the Asian culture, a lady should display as little of her skin as possible.
And it is a taboo to display the straps of your brassiere, considered sloppy dressing.
In Asia, as in old American culture, people still observe dressing according to the activity. If you're going to work, you're expected to dress up in a business-like manner in order to command respect.
Not preaching, just sharing my Asian-ness.
Sweating is good - that means your system is working "fabulously". Just use a lot of "you-know-what".
Luv ya!

8/24/2010 03:00:44 pm

I haven't even read the post yet, just wanted to say how much I LOVE the headine!

**Update: Stupid Weebly kicked me out of this window so I went back and read the first part of the post. ROSS GELLAR!!

8/24/2010 07:49:24 pm

Mom... You are banned from commenting if you can't be complimentary or funny. :-p

8/28/2010 08:28:14 am

I love your Mom's "Asian-ness" comments. Gives me some real insite.

8/30/2010 02:42:23 am

Thank you, Jessica! I'm not being critical, just stating the "Asian-ness".
You know the saying, "when in Rome..."
this one is, "when in Japan..."
If one does not want to be stared at, then one has to blend. Love you Erica-san.


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